Susan Boyle Caught Sucking Her Thumb

They have rather nice suites at the Ritz-Carlton in New York. The bed linen is French, with a 400 thread count, the baths are oversized and marble, the sofas are covered in glazed yellow chintz and the cream walls have gilded mouldings.

To stay in one of the nicer ones costs around £2,840 a night. But, much as Susan Boyle was swept away by the particular romance of New York in the winter - those clear blue skies, the pale towers rising over Central Park - she is glad to be home again.

Professionally, the trip could not have been more of a success - she has America in the palm of her hand, and her debut album, I Dreamed A Dream, is on course to sell 500,000 copies in its first week of release.

But, at times during the visit, the pressures of her sudden fame were obvious. For a 48-year-old millionaire singing sensation to be spotted publicly sucking her thumb and bursting into tears is, frankly, extraordinary.
She is now back in her pebble-dashed home in Blackburn, West Lothian, and is making plans to leave the London flat where Simon Cowell and his team taught her how to be a star.

Susan is also relinquishing her gym membership and chauffeur driven BMW. She won't need a housekeeper any more, and she doesn't care that much for her expensively decorated flat, with its granite kitchen surfaces and cream walls.

Here in Blackburn, the carpets are well-worn, and maroon, and there is a pair of beige velour armchairs which have seen better days. Her collection of brass teapots sits on the fireplace, and an old carriage clock, and a dusty whisky jar filled with loose change. It's enough to make an interior designer scream.

Come Christmas, she will have finished with her commitments to Sony to plug her product, and will move back in permanently. Pebbles the cat - who is under the care of a housekeeper at Susan's ritzy pad in Kensington, West London - will be flown back to Scotland.

The two of them will start again living in the council house terrace in which she was born. She hopes to go back to Moran's Turf Bar for a half of lemonade and to pop to the chip van for a smoked sausage, which was always her favourite treat. She misses her friends and her family when she is away. Link

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