Morgan Freeman buys private jet

Freeman's purchase of SJ30 from UAE-based company cost him over $7 million

Morgan Freeman has bought a new private jet from the Emirates Investment and Development Company (Emivest), a private investment company in the UAE.

Freeman, who has a private pilot's licence, was to fly his new SJ30 from Los Angeles to the UAE, touching down in Dubai.

The aircraft is produced by Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation (SSAC), a US-based manufacturer and a subsidiary of Emivest.

The SJ30 has a reputation among business jets as "the world's fastest, longest-range and highest-flying light jet".

The aircraft can maintain sea level cabin pressure at 41,000 feet and hasn a top cruising altitude of 49,000 feet.

The official price tag for the SJ30 has not been released, but it is said that Freeman bought his plane for about $7 million.

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