Top 10: Hot Turkish Women

Turkey is a place of rich history, substantial culture, and -- oh, yes -- beautiful women. Turkey's most famous females of the past decade -- like Azra Akin, the only Turkish beauty to become Miss World -- don't attract the same international attention that French temptresses or Brazilian centerfolds do, but they're still captivating in their own right.

So, which Turkish women today are hot enough to make an international splash tomorrow? we've found 10 beauties who fit the bill. Our top 10 hot Turkish women list includes models, singers and former girlfriends of Quentin Tarantino. Let's introduce them.

No.10 - Sinem Kobal

The blond-haired and brown-eyed Sinem Kobal was born into a family of engineers, but lucky for us, she chose acting. With a toned body, a warm smile and cameras that constantly love her, it's a natural fit. Considered to be one of Turkey's brightest acting talents, this award-winning beauty stars in the upcoming film, Romantik Komedi.

Some guys would hope that Sinem Kobal is living free and looking for new men in her life, but she's already made plans to settle down. She's engaged to Arda Turan, the captain of Galatsaray, the country's national soccer team. However, that doesn't make her any less beautiful.

No.9 - Ece Gursel

In the midst of pursuing a university degree, dark-haired stunner Ece Gursel entered modeling in 1999 as the second-place finisher in the Miss Model of Turkey pageant. She settled in Istanbul and competed in both the Star TV Beauty Competition and Best Model of Turkey before earning Best Body at the 2003 Best Model International Competition.

Ece Gursel's body remains one of Turkey's best, and her modeling career has taken her across the world and onto runways alongside fashion queens Esther Canadas and Naomi Campbell. A writer and a babe, Ece Gursel pens articles for two Turkish web sites and is preparing her first album and book.

No.8 - Sebnem Schaefer

A tall blonde with both German and Turkish roots, Sebnem Schaefer has been modeling since high school and become equally popular in both countries. A participant in the 2006 Miss Germany pageant, Sebnem Schaefer has since found a niche as a Zeki Triko swimsuit model, a TV presenter and actress in film and television.

An avid equestrian rider and dancer, Sebnem Schaefer is as athletic and graceful as she is beautiful. She's also smart and politically minded, having mastered five languages (German, Turkish, English, French, Arabic) and joined the DYP political party of Turkey -- an announcement that was a media event in and of itself.

No.7 - Deniz Akkaya

A philosophy grad when she started modeling, Denize Akkaya's open-minded attitude was made for the catwalk where her barely there outfits attracted the attention of many male spectators. In her first year of modeling, she was not only named Turkey's Best Model, but also Best Model of the World.

Denize Akkaya is a fashion magazine editor and actress as well as a model. She was the host of Turkey's version of America's Top Model in 2006 and has gone on to star in a handful of Turkish films like Vizontele Tuuba and Maskeli besler kibris, and the American film, Living & Dying with Bai Ling and Michael Madsen.

No.6 - Berrak Tuzunatac

A curvy, wavy-haired model and actress with a business background, Berrak Tuzunatac has been acting professionally in Turkey since her debut in the 2005 TV miniseries, Odunc hayat. No stranger to sexy magazine covers for her country's national publications like Hello and Haftasonu, Berrak Tuzunatac has established herself as a both talented actress and a natural beauty.

Known on screen for her ability to get strong emotional responses from her audience, Berrak Tuzunatac's best-known role is that of Vahide in the highly regarded Turkish historical TV series, Elveda Rumeli. Since then, she has recently appeared in two Turkish films -- the sexually charged drama, Kishkanmak and the crime thriller Ejder kapani.

No.5 - Didem Erol

At almost 35, Didem Erol is in Turkish MILF territory. A look at her photographs reveals an easy confidence and sexy attitude that has increased with age. Born in Australia, she came to Turkey and became a model, with one of the highlights being her selection by Boxer as the Sexiest Women in Turkey.

Often found in Turkish versions of FHM, InStyle and Cosmopolitan, Didem Erol has also been seen on the big screen in The Accidental Spy with Jackie Chan and the upcoming Fake Identity with Val Kilmer. Now coupled up with soccer striker Ersen Martin, she was previously shacked up with Quentin Tarantino.

No.4 - Tuba Buyukustun

Tuba Buyukustun has the classic features of an elegant and sophisticated beauty (think: Monica Bellucci). Originally studying stage and costuming at Mimar Sinan University, she realized that she was better suited to performance. She would become a famous face in Turkey in TV ads for Pantene, Molped, Kremini, and Maximum Card while getting her first acting break on the 2003 TV series, Sultan Makami.

Highly desired across Turkey and the Middle East, Tuba Buyukustun graduated to the lead role of Asiye Kozcuoglu in her own dramatic series, Asi, which aired for three years. In her homeland, she'll make a break for the big screen in the romantic film, Yuregine sor.

No.3 - Beren Saat

A radiant brunette with dreams of working alongside Julia Roberts and Mel Gibson, our next red hot Turkish babe is actress Beren Saat. With smooth olive skin and a stare that could melt butter, she belongs on the screen, which is where she's been since her miniseries debut on Askimizda olum var in 2004.

A regular on not one, but two highly rated Turkish TV series, Hatirla sevgili and Ask-I memnu, Beren Saat is beautiful and skilled, having netted the Golden Tulip Fine Arts Award and Golden Butterfly Award for Best Actress in 2009. She's also multi-talented having acted and sung in the 2009 movie, Gecenin kanatlari.

No.2 - Aysun Kayaci

This perky blonde has a mischievous smile and a body made for trouble. First as a fair hostess as a teenager, Aysun Kayaci modeled into her early 20s and was selected as the 2004 MGD Best Turkish Model. She would later become an overnight sex symbol when she heated up a Pepsi commercial by giving two nerdy roommates a whole new sexy reason to sip cola.

Now a TV presenter on Haydi Gel Bizimle Ol and a law enforcement agent on the Turkish series Gece Gunduz, Aysun Kayaci continues to attract new admirers with each new naughty turn.

No.1 - Hadise

The sexy Turkish songstress Hadise followed her love of music to Belgium in 2003 for Pop Idol, where she was signed her first recording contract. Since her big break, she has competed on Eurovision 2009, presented the Turkish series, Popstars, and released a number of albums in different languages -- starting with 2005's Sweat and most recently 2009's Kahraman.

Influenced by American stars like Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, and Britney Spears, Hadise is known for sexing up her music videos. With song titles like "Sweat," "Stir Me Up," "My Body," and "A Good Kiss," she doesn't really have a choice -- and it's not like anyone's complaining, either.

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