Joe Jonas to release solo album in 2011

Joe Jonas is going solo.

That's right, Jonas Brothers fans. Better get used to just one JoBro on your stage, because E! News has exclusively confirmed the middle one is stepping out on his own…

"We are planning for an early 2011 release," a rep for Hollywood Records tells us. The Jonas Brothers recently ended the North American leg of their Camp Rock 2 tour, and Joe is currently in the studio working on his first solo effort.

The insider tells us that Joe "wants a more dangerous sound," along the lines of a "sexier, Justin Timberlake" vibe. Well, if Joe can emulate J.T., than we think he'll be just fine on his own.

We're also hearing that Joe wants to redo his look as well, opting for a "T-shirt -and-leather jacket" ensemble as opposed to the suit-and-tie get-up the Jonas Brothers have been known to favor.

Earlier this year, Joe dropped some hints that he would be following in younger brother Nick's footsteps by doing a sibling-free side project, telling our Marc Malkin, "I'm writing songs right now. I'm writing a lot of music."

And before the screaming and hysterics can begin, know that this is being labeled as a side project, and the Jonas Brothers are "absolutely not" breaking up.

"The JoBros are here to stay," says the band insider.

In other words, Jonas fans, you can have your trio cake and eat the solo pieces, too.

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