Christina Applegate is Going to Do Pole Dance Pregnant?

Christina Applegate's pole dancing video for Funny or Die may have been in jest, but now the pregnant actress has an offer to shake her booty for real – and earn thousands of dollars for it, too.

Applegate, 39, bared her belly and grinded against a pole to Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty" as a character named Roxy Fedaro in a (fake) commercial for a "Prenatal Pole Dancing" DVD.

"Many pregnant women experience these things called hormones because you're a total fat ass and you don't feel sexy anymore," Applegate said in the clip. "But that's why you need something I like to call ‘seducidence.' That's seductive confidence put together."

"Prenatal pole dancing works," she added, "because when men see pregnant women they know she's down for sex."

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