Ewan McGregor on kissing boys

EWAN McGregor is not a fan of the British media!

The I Love You Phillip Morris actor says he hates newspapers that focus too much on people’s private lives.

“I come from a country where we’ve probably got the worst tabloid press — all these publications based on people’s private life. It’s disgusting,” he fumed.

“It’s nobody’s business. As actors, we put ourselves on the screen and that should be enough, that’s exposing enough, without people routing around your dustbins looking for stuff. They’re making millions off people spying and following you around. It’s disgraceful.

“I quite like people who write their autobiographies and people find them in the attic after they die. Then you discover that they’ve been horrible monsters or had 15 wives in secret, or something else terrible. I prefer they expose themselves after they’ve died.”

“I love nothing more than going to see one of my films for the first time,” he added.

“Without fail, the first thing I think is ‘Is that me?’ You know, I’m sitting there, and then it goes dark and the projection starts and I go, ‘Flipping heck.’ I say to myself, ‘That’s me up there.’ I always dreamed of doing it, and I still can’t quite believe I’m doing it.”

Ewan — who locks lips with costar Jim Carrey in I Love You Philip Morris — recently revealed that he likes going nude and kissing boys — if a role requires it.

“I remember getting a kind of rush out of that first time, a slight feeling of power about it, you know?” he said of nudity.

“I remember when I kissed Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Velvet Goldmine. It was just a rush at the end of the day.

“It was just an electrical moment, because you look around and some of the British electrician guys — who are all mainly closeted homosexuals, I think — were sitting around going ‘F**k, no.’ But I like kissing boys on screen. As a straight guy, it’s quite an interesting proposition. Anything on a film set that takes you by surprise like that, that gets your blood up, is good.

“I’m always interested in playing different people, in different situations. It doesn’t matter to me whether someone is in love with a man or a woman. I find the idea of love and romance interesting. I’m a sucker for it. I like playing someone who’s falling in love because I like the sensation of it.”

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