Henry Cavill Will Play Superman

Deadline had been hearing for the past weeks that Henry Cavill was the frontrunner for the much coveted Clark Kent/Superman role in this mich anticipated reboot. But as of last week, Warner Bros film chief Jeff Robinov hadn't seen Cavill's or the other screen tests and made his decision in recent days. Repped by CAA, Cavill just wrapped production on The Cold Light of Day and stars in the upcoming Immortals, opening this fall. He has a past with Superman. Before Bryan Singer came on to direct Superman Returns and cast Brandon Routh, Cavill had been one of the front runner choices for directors Brett Ratner and McG when they were going to helm the picture. That Superman was younger, and this time, the intention was to cast an actor near 30. Cavill will be 28 this year, so things worked out just right for him.

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