Beyoncé Will Assist Kelly Rowland

Usually at the judges houses stage when the X Factor judges recruit an aide to help them narrow down their category for the live shows, they choose slightly less famous friend (with the exception of Dannii Minogue whacking Kylie out of the bag one year). Simon Cowell has Sinitta, Cheryl Cole has had Kimberley Walsh, you get the picture.

But Kelly Rowland may be about to change all that! According to Heat, she has recruited her Destiny's Child bandmate and global megastar Beyonce to help her sift through the wannabe's!

As exciting as that is for us to watch we can imagine that would be somewhat nerve-wracking for the contestants. Wonder how she'll react if someone screeches out a rendition of Halo? As nice as Beyonce seems we've witnessed her alter ego Sacha Fierce at large. That is a force to be reckoned with.

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